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Daytona Beach, FL live w/ iMS

– February 2024 – The City of Daytona Beach has been using the iMS Suite for over 8 months and is greatly enjoying the streamlined process for issuing building permits & improved access to stored data for individual properties and large-scale development projects.  Replacing the legacy software, TRAKit, the web-based iMS system makes it easier

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Lakeland, FL live w/ iMS suite

– January 2024 – Congratulations to the City of Lakeland, Florida for a successful iMS Go-Live! The City began production use of the iMS Suite for Community and Economic Development, including Building Inspections, Planning & Zoning, Code Enforcement, and Business Tax Receipts.  We are honored to partner with the City to provide world-class service to the staff and residents of the

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Richmond, CA Selects iMS

– January, 2024 – The City of Richmond, California has entered into an agreement to partner with Intuitive Municipal Solutions (iMS), Selectron Technologies, ePermitHub, and CORE BT. iMS is excited to have Richmond join the list of our other extremely satisfied clients. The signed collaborative agreement is for an entire software and professional services replacement

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Palm Bay, FL Phase II Goes Live

– March 2023 – We are excited to share that the Palm Bay, FL went live with the iMS software on March 6, 2023 with Phase II of the project. Phase I went live in March of 2022, providing the city with the permitting module and a host of integrations. Phase II introduced Planning and

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Lakeland, FL Selects iMS

– February, 2023 – The City of Lakeland, Florida entered into an agreement with Intuitive Municipal Solutions on January 17, 2023. This collaboration will be an entire replacement project for the City’s current Community Development / Land Management software (TRAKiT from CentralSquare) to the new iMS Suite. The city will take advantage of the iMS

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Industry Endorsements

"The renewal of Residential Rental Licenses for The City of Daytona Beach is the most hectic time of the year. In 2022, we had almost 2,000 licenses to renew with the only payment avenue being by check...It was an extremely stressful time for us. In 2023, the city obtained IMS software. IMS staff custom built a process so our property owners could pay their license renewals online by check, debit, or credit card and if their inspection was current, the system automatically emailed the Rental License to them immediately upon payment. This saves so much time, so much postage and allows property owners online access their accounts like never before. For me, this renewal year has been far less stressful. IMS staff have gone above and beyond to try and accommodate our specific workflows and tailor our system to meet our specific needs and I am grateful for their efforts and diligence." - Ms June Barnes, Residential Rental Program Coordinator

June Barnes

( City of Daytona Beach, FL )

Over the past few months we have worked with Vance Bradshaw of Intuitive Municipal Solutions to upgrade an interface between our new billing software and Trakit from CRW. We have found Vance to be highly responsive and attentive. His work has been timely and thoroughly thought out. He has diligently chased down interface issues and presented us with choices when needed. He has adapted to our delivery timing and been flexible about change orders. He has relentlessly followed up with us to gather feedback. We would be happy to work with him and his company again.

Sheri Brown

( City of Oceanside, CA )

In 20 plus years working in the Technology industry I’ve had many customer vendor relationships. A good relationship is important for success. When it comes to cultivating good customer vendor relationships, Vance Bradshaw stands out in the crowd. Always professional, knowledgeable, and dependable. Above all Vance is a man of integrity. It has truly been a pleasure working with him over the years.

Joe Gonzalez

( City of Cape Coral, Florida )

I met Vance, as a customer in 2002. I have found him to be skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced in the Community Development software arena. He is always courteous, responsive, and easy to work with. He exhibits an integrity and professionalism that is above reproach. He builds relationships as a partner, where he is focused on success, rather than a vendor looking to make the next sale. I have very much appreciated working with Vance and I have no doubt that he will be successful in his endeavors.

John Mayer

( City of Irving, Texas )

I've had the pleasure of working with Vance Bradshaw for 13 years in my role as Land Use Agency Director in a couple of California counties. Vance has always been a staunch advocate for customers and has successfully helped my departments over the years with technical issues, product development (continuous improvement) and even contract related issues. If you need a responsive professional who can break down complex technical issues and provide innovative solutions to any challenge you might face with a technology project, Vance is your guy.

Tim Snellings

( Butte County California )

As a customer, who has worked with Vance Bradshaw for the past 12 years, I have benefited from his creative problem-solving, tireless work ethic, and willingness to do whatever it takes to create a product that translates our City’s vision into reality. When working with Vance on projects, what stands out the most to me, is his generosity of his time and expertise. Beyond that, I can confidently say that I speak for all of Vance’s customers and co-workers when I say how much we enjoy his humor and good nature. When working on the tough issues, it’s great to have someone like Vance in your corner.

Gina Borchers

( City of San Clemente, California )

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