Tim Snellings

I've had the pleasure of working with Vance Bradshaw for 13 years in my role as Land Use Agency Director in a couple of California counties. Vance has always been a staunch advocate for customers and has successfully helped my departments over the years with technical issues, product development (continuous improvement) and even contract related issues. If you need a responsive professional who can break down complex technical issues and provide innovative solutions to any challenge you might face with a technology project, Vance is your guy.

Tim Snellings

( Butte County California )

Other Testimonials

"Love iMS!! The support is second to none! We are always happy to be a reference."

Matthew Snow

( Kootenai County, ID )

[The iMS] online permitting & inspection system has reduced the time required to process large batches of electrical permits from weeks to seconds. The [iMS] system was launched by DLI's Construction Codes & Licensing Division, in partnership with Minnesota IT Services. Since the launch, nearly 95% of all electrical permits have been applied for online. On Dec. 11, 2019, more than 1,500 electrical permits from a single contractor were processed electronically in seconds. Previously, it would have required five weeks of staff time to process the paper applications. "The department's new [iMS] IT systems have brought significant efficiencies & greater sustainability to both the department & the homeowners & businesses that engage with them," said DLI Commissioner.

Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (DLI)

( St. Paul, MN )

“…The iMS software has drastically improved internal and external service functions. The software is utilized amongst multiple departments (clerk's office, engineering, public works, building inspections, planning, zoning, fire, code enforcement) depending on their needs. The platform allows for various permits to be applied for and paid online and eliminates the need for contractors, residents, businesses etc. to come to city hall to obtain permits. Overall the software has been a huge asset to the City of Blaine employees and customers.”

Erik Thorvig

( City of Blaine, MN )

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