The iMS Suite

The iMS Suite

The iMS software suite is a single system comprised of various applications that will support your Agency in the areas of land development, permitting, plan review, inspections, code enforcement and licensing. Intuitive Municipal Solutions offers an integrated enterprise application that enables your staff, customers, and even administrators to share the same code base. A great benefit to using our cutting-edge software is that it utilizes HTML5 and modern technology, with no plugins required. The iMS Suite includes the following applications:

It all starts here. With iMSApprovals, your customers are just a few keystrokes away from submitting that next big project. This application allows developers to submit that next big project whenever and wherever they are ready, even if that means your planners and engineers are out of the office. The entire electronic submission process can be done from both the location and device of your choosing. iMSApprovals also supports the collaborative effort between an applicant and their planner or engineer by providing an enhanced notification and communication system that will send automated text messages and/or emails when appropriate, ensuring the lines of conversation are always open.

Imagine a streamlined interface that allows a tailored user experience for citizens, contractors, and Agency employees alike. Citizens and Contractors will benefit from iMSPermits because not only can they apply for a permit on our web-based application, but they can also pay fees, check the status of reviews and inspections, and schedule inspections. How does this help you? iMSPermits allows you to spend less time doing data entry and frees up more time to continue saving the world, one permit at a time!

When there’s a problem in your jurisdiction, citizens expect immediate resolution. With iMSEnforce, you put problem reporting into the hands of the citizens, allowing them to play a vital role in actively processing violations as soon as they are observed. For Code Enforcement staff, our application offers the ability to quickly capture and document violations on the spot. Instead of making Officers wait until they return to the office to document any confirmed issues, iMSEnforce allows them to complete all necessary reporting from the field. Officers can easily access their task list, view their daily schedule, and create a time-efficient route that maps them to each of their inspections. By leveraging the current technology available on mobile devices, Officers can create a case where they are, and effortlessly attach photos and notes on any device in the field as well as in the office.

Need a Business License or Home Occupation Permit but have no time to drive down to City Hall? No problem! iMSLicenses is our complete cloud-based business licensing solution. Just by launching this application, Citizens can apply, pay for or renew a license in seconds. Out of area contractors doing business in your jurisdiction will benefit from the ease at which they can apply for a business license. Your Agency staff will relish the fact that the need to re-enter copious amounts of data will be minimized and more valuable time can be spent on higher priority tasks.

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